Jewellery's Voices

Video Mapping, Luminous Fresco

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Video Mapping by Noémi Prud'homme for visual creation and Yohan Dumas for sound creation during the Napa Lighted Art Festival at Napa in Californie on the Napa Historical Courthouse.

Diffusion: 21/01/2023 to 29/01/2023

Special thanks to the City of Napa and the Napa Lighted Art Festival.

« JEWELLERY’S VOICES » is an artwork about the beauty of ornaments.
Ornaments progressively recover the facade, changing the aspect of the architecture into a
colorful jewel. Patterns sing, evolve and blend together, giving birth to new shapes, over and
over again, revealing infinite details everywhere. This artwork gives place to a luxurious
imaginary world to be contemplated.

Photos and video coming soon.

January 2023